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How to Set Up PHP, HTML & MySQL Development on Mac OS X

It's not maintained anymore.

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One less hurdle and I didn't have to mess with the built-in pear. Is your port command hiding? At the end of your php. If you want to set a breakpoint, click on the numbering in front of a line of the accordingly source code file. Cris Thanks for the great tutorial.

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  • PHP 5.3 + XDebug + NetBeans + Mac OSX Leopard.
  • Installing and Configuring MAMP?

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This article describes how to do it. Luckily, there is a source for a good quality precompiled package.

Xdebug for XAMPP on OS X

Remember to download the Mac OS X package. Extract the package you downloaded. You will see several directories.

Copy the xdebug. Step-debugging is one of the key skills for any developer, and it can be baffling.


When you start trying to control a remote webserver with an IDE running on your local workstation though, it gets even more complicated with the network problems. However, when your killer WordPress plugin grows to several thousand lines spanning multiple files, that method will quickly grow tiresome and error-prone.

This is the first article in a series about the new features in Xdebug 2. When debugging in PHP there are a few techniques you can use, you could use something like Xdebug which will allow you to step through your code at run time and you can see exactly what the code is doing. Xdebug allows you to log all function calls, including parameters and return values to a file in different formats.

Those so-called "function traces" can be a help for when you are new to an application or when you are trying to figure out what exactly is going on when your application is running. Easy debugging, profiling and tracing extension for Xdebug A must have for everyone thats debugging, profiling and tracing PHP code with Xdebug. You may have noticed recent versions of the Composer dependency manager has come with a warning if you have Xdebug enabled: Jordi added this warning because Xdebug does wondrous things when you are developing, but it slows down execution of PHP scripts massively.

WordPress development processes are different from developer to developer, but one thing we all have in common. The need to debug fast and reliable. Xdebug debugger client integration for Sublime Text. Based on the Xdebug protocol functionality in SublimeXdebug package by Kindari. Now that you understand how to go about debugging a single PHP script, what might the process of debugging a typical Laravel application look like? Some development teams may work on the same, central testing web server while every team member develops on their own machine.

This tutorial will guide you through the process of installing xDebug on your Homestead vagrant box, and configuring PHPStorm to listen for xDebug connections from Homestead. The first step is to install XDebug and verify that XDebug is running. In order to understand how to configure xdebug with Docker in PHPStorm we should first understand how xdebug works.

How to Set Up PHP, HTML & MySQL Development on Mac OS X

If you enable xdebug in your server every time we run a script in PHP is going to send the information to the listener, the Listener in our case is PHPStorm. Starting with version In the second part of this tutorial series on developing PHP on Docker we're taking a good hard look at PhpStorm, Xdebug and how to run and debug scripts from within PhpStorm on Docker. With the release of Xdebug 2.

[SOLVED] Update XDebug in MAMP to work with Netbeans (Mac OS X)

The new-for On the first run it will ask you to map your local directoryies to the docker directories, but after that nothing will be required anymore! Happy debugging! A few months back Iain wrote about how our team pushes each other to be better developers, which included insights into how we improve code quality using tools such as Xdebug, unit tests, and code reviews.

My standard debugging tool when using PHP is xdebug. Pairing xdebug with Komodo gives me a very productive environment for building PHP applications. This works by setting your favourite IDE into listening mode and instructing Xdebug with one of the handy browser extensions for example to initiate debugging. With OS X This is how to set it up from a clean install of Most people tend to use Xdebug on localhost and IDEs are often able to configure themselves to work without much hassle in that environment.

Apple appears to agree as Lion ships with it. This blog post is obsolete! This article provides detailed instructions for setting up your workstation for Joomla! Please refer to the following links for other development tools and environments: Setting up your workstation for Joomla development. Where Are We Now? As with any legacy project, Xdebug has technical debt. Some of it I managed to address during the years by dropping support for older PHP versions.

Recently people started to ask me how to use Xdebug to figure out which parts of applications use a lot of memory. Traditionally this was part of Xdebug's profiling functionality. Xdebug on Pocket 85 results. Save saves. Save 59 saves.

Configuring PHP, Apache, MySQL, and Xdebug for PHP development in MAC OS X - NetBeans IDE Tutorial

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It also demonstrates how to set up Xdebug in the IDE for debugging PHP Mac OS X and later include the MySQL database and Apache server with PHP. A google search shows many blogs that state that installing xdebug on MAC is tedious and problematic.

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  • PHP 5.3 + XDebug + NetBeans + Mac OSX Leopard.