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Be very careful, this item is not a MY Cloud Home which is a new model at the time of writing.

WD may have fixed some of these problems. Slow transfers. No app for casting media and all the ones emby, megacast etc were very choppy due to slow transfer speeds 3. Outdated windows 2. Complicated setup unless you are an IT guru 4 It will take upward of 60 hours to reformat the drive if you decide to do this. The supplier saveonit. I think WD should take this item off the market, mine's being listed on ebay I have problems with technology and so far I have found this fairly straight forward with connecting it to my phone. Being able to log in and access all my data from anywhere is easy and makes studying a lot easier.

Haven't even come close to filling up the storage so far and it automatically backs up my phone. Wasn't to problematic to setup except that you need to add your email address, which is concerning but I fail to see why they would create a separate application to browse the content on the device.

Looks so 's, at best. Curiously, it still thinks the app version is "0. But that's not the real issue You just cannot reliably connect to and once connected, hold a connection to this device, browse and download content from this device over a relatively dormant home network.

About WD My Cloud

I've tried the recommended reset procedures and it's still just ridiculous unreliable and slow. Too late for me to send it back, but I'll be on the lookout for another NAS soon that doesn't have the initials "WD" on it. It say's Device is offline. PLEX is not there seriously, why!

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Need more control. I really don't often give 5 star reviews but honestsly this is top notch. I can transfer a 2gb file from my pc to it via my cloud in under ten seconds It streams flawlessly It is able to be accessed anywhere via my cloud account which is actually pretty good asking as you have good internet speed.

My Samsung tv picks it up as a media server It looks shmick It's so easy to set up you truly don't need to be a expert I really don't know what the others are winging about. Tried to set it up last night.

Western Digital My Cloud: Honest Review

No end of trouble. I have tried all day today to get it to work. No password email sent to me. I got online and found that this has happened to others and is a problem at WD end. I get that sorted by inserting my email address and 'forgot password' even though I never got the link to get one in the first place. A nuisance, but easy fix. Then I get a 'network credentials' issue that I can't seem to get around.

Why to buy Western Digital 4TB MyCloud Home Hard Drive (WDBVXC0040HWT) - White :

My Cloud Home is the perfect storage solution to easily keep all your photos, videos, music and files organized in one central place at home. And because it. WD SmartWare Pro backup software has flexible options for PCs, and the My Cloud drive is compatible with Apple Time Machine for Mac users.

I look this up online. This has happened to others too, Taken advice and still can't find what the issue is - tried username and password consistent with what is listed under 'Credentials Manager' on my laptop running Windows And then tried a every password combination that I can think of.

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No luck. So I thought that at least I will download the software to see if I can do a backup of my laptop the whole purpose of the purchase. It asks for login credentials, so I put the username and password in that I got by clicking 'forgot password' - see above and nothing happens - again and again. It doesn't say 'wrong password', it doesn't say there is a 'network credentials' issue - it says nothing and I can't move beyond that point. I have no idea how to look search forums for up - search terms So I look at tutorials and how to do a backup and the tutorials show files for a back-up app.

I downloaded the correct software, but still I don't have the files that should be there according to the videos on Youtube.

Design and Features

So I uninstall and reinstall the software - still not the same files in fact - none at all. I am sure if I paid my tech support person to fix these 4 issues 3 current , he could. It will cost me though, and has cost me already in time - an entire day of mucking around. This is just too hard - every step of the way. It's just a big filing cabinet, for goodness sake!

I have run out of patience. This has to be the most unintuitive and 'glitchy' device. Perhaps only usable for the highly tech savvy. I mistakenly thought this would be pretty easy.

Getting Started

I was wrong. July - 4 years after purchase Hi again, well my 4TB MyCloud from 4 years ago is still up and running 24 hours a day. NO issues other than ones I highlighted below. What works brilliantly: 1. Has been reliable for 18 months of constant usage. Fantastic for photos etc. THe not so good Firmware updates from WD tend to send it offline and then considerable time spent deciphering what the pretty coloured LED light at front now flashing means via the manual.

OVerall it's never failed and accessing it via my ipad or iphone when not at home has always been really goo. I bought it three months ago. I was really excited to build my first Home network.

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I found it and installed it. The performance was terrible and can't even run a video from it on iPad or TV.

Making the WD MyCloud useful!

I contacted the support and they recommended to reset it. I did and replied. Guess what? I tried to upgrade it and doing a factory reset with no hope. The performance is terrible. Can't tell about the cloud access from outside home, it is as slow as accessing files online years ago. I tried the mobile app and I can say it is below average quality! Not recommended for anyone. Bad devices without customer support! Been using this NAS over a year, the Ex2 version with 2 hard drives, been using over a year. First, the firmware thinks it's not connected to the internet when ftp is obviously working, but that isn't so big an issue.

After a subsequent firmware some features got stripped out, in particular the option to power off. This is very stupid on the part of WD. Second big issue is, prepare to experience extremely slow transfer speeds, to the point of disconnecting every seconds when the storage drive is full. Total piece of junk.

I'll be going for a Synology next time. Bought the 4TB MyCloud and found that it simply cannot do most of the things it is supposed to be able to do. If you are not a home networking expert, definitely don't buy one. The WD MyCloud tries to make complex networking simple, but fails completely. I sent mine back for a refund.

This is serious: some of the messed-up machines can host VMs and databases

The downside to open source software seems to be the ease at which it allows multinationals to buy the cheapest software possible without actually having to invest much at all in software development, all they need is someplace minimally competent to glue together a bunch of open source components. So I thought that at least I will download the software to see if I can do a backup of my laptop the whole purpose of the purchase. Open it up, take out the drive, plug it into your desktop. Learn how your comment data is processed. Score: 3. You can bake your own and put it on the drive, and the mycloud will boot that image and initrd without complaints. After doing several checks and going online to find out that this beautiful storage device most of the times goes faulty on it's own, so I called Western Digital support to replace the chassis or repair it, they said it's a single bay storage device and it's not repairable and they cannot recover any of the data Regardless if you are under warranty or not and I should call a local technician if I want to recover my data.

What the device can do: - Set up individual users and 'shares' partitions - Copy files to and from those shares over the local w-fi network - Share files via FTP. I bought a Western Digital Mybook - had no real issues other than it being under-powered and it got sent back under warranty. The replacement was a 2TB MyCloud and now on the second one. For whatever reason software I suspect , you cannot access these remotely. The firmware will update, you can access your drive through networks with no problem.

But never through remote access which BTW is the sole reason for this product existing.