Reset admin password mac g5

I forgot the username or password for the account I use with Office
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This includes aspects like the date and time, as well as desktop, volume, mouse, and other control settings. Your computer might forget certain settings, or could run into connectivity problems. You can try a PRAM reset when you experience any of these symptoms:. If you remember your previous computer settings, you should be able to get it back to normal in just a couple of minutes. Your email address will not be published.

I had almost given up on my MacBook Pro.

No sign of of life except for the startup tone. Then, it would just turn off. I tried many things over the past two weeks, including resetting the SMC, Unsuccessful at invoking the recovery screen. I had all but given up on it. It booted right up as if nothing ever happened. In the many articles and guides I had come across previously, none had made any reference to this. That's the only thing I'm doing different and now it's working. So, here's the process I am using now:. Let the machine reboot 3 times.

Change the Admin Password with Mac OS X Single User Mode

You can tell because the mouse will light up with each boot cycle. You should not see anything on the display, the power light was solid for me the whole time. After a few boot cycles, hold the Option key only.

Now you should get the boot menu, not the lock! Hit eject, pop in your boot CD and you are off.

Reset Mac Password – without a CD or Boot Drive

I was given a Power Mac G5 and I need to reset the administrator password, any ideas? I don't Reset OS X Password Without an OS X CD. Let's say you totally forgot the password to log on to your Mac. Or maybe Once you're done, log in with your new admin account and go to System . Is it normal that the fans on my powermac g5 go nuts in single user mode?.

You can also reboot and go into Single User mode and use the admin hack to make a new account. Press and hold the right Shift key, the left Option key, and the left Control key for seven seconds. Keep these keys pressed while you press and hold the Power button for seven seconds. My Macbook Air has been shutting off randomly. I took it in to Apple and they ran the two day diagnostics and reinstalled the OS. Battery diagnostics said the battery was in good shape. Got the laptop back and the problem is continuing to happen.

How to Reset Dell Laptop to Factory Settings without Administrator Password

I know I have to take it back in, but I was just wondering if there is anything else I can do to try and fix this problem. I have a late macbook pro with High Sierra I have an older Mac running Snow Leopard. I've had sound problems and found resetting the PRAM solves it, but it only lasts a few days then I have to do it again.

Is this typical?

Hack remove reset admin Mac OSx password without cd

Repairing permissions is the only other maintenance I do. I've never heard of that, but there are all sorts of issues you run into when your tech starts getting older, especially if it's seen a lot of use. You could try running a full maintenance suite like Onyx my preferred option, as it's free and see if any of that helps. Before it, I could see at least Internet recovery spinning globe unit it turned black. That's weird; I think it's time to take it in. I haven't heard of this particular problem before, and it's probably a good idea to consult an expert.

First time post, so my apologies if I have posted in the wrong area.

How to Reboot an Apple iMac to Its Factory Settings

But my Mid 27" iMac is doing the spontaneous reboot thing as well. This only started after I did a clean El Capitan install. My video card has been replaced twice under Apple's warranty. After the 2nd replacement the computer was fine till the El Capitan install. The machine just reboots without warning.

What Is the SMC in a Mac?

I have attached the kernel panic notice. I hope someone can help. This is a great computer but the problems driving me crazy. IOKitDriver 1. Kernel version: Darwin Kernel Version System uptime in nanoseconds: last loaded kext at com.

B23, 4 processors, Intel Core i7, 3. I'm not technically adept enough to interpret the error message, but I'd say if you have continued problems, your best bet is to take it into a Genius Bar. They'll know what to do! Hello, I have since tried repairing the "permissions". In El Capitan, this is not easy to do, unlike previous versions. However thanks to instructions I found on the Internet, I did this and it seemed to do the trick. The downside is it seems after any update, I have to do it again. However the computer seems to work OK between updates.

I just recently had to go through the entire process again and after this the machine is working ok again. The local "Genius Bar's" are less "than" where I live. One did not even know how to remove the glass screen on my mid iMac 27"? It takes about 15 seconds and the only tool required is finger nails That's very strange.

My best advice, then, is to take it to a different Genius Bar or somewhere else that has some expertise in fixing this type of problem. My laptop kept switching off and I took it to the Apple store. After more than a week, they told me I need to change the logic board and the Battery as the SCM memory was full and need to change it. I am very familiar that the apple store 1st solution would be to replace half components.

Would you rest work with my laptop? I think its daylight robbery.

I would highly appreciate if you could mention an alternate way fix this if the above method doesn't work. You also fixed my dodgy trackpad which I didn't even know would be fixed by this. Thanks sooooo much, I owe you one. No problem!

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Really glad that it helped. My MacBook Pro has been acting weird, and today while in light use my acreen turned white with horizontal gray lines so I shit off and it now appears to turn on with a gray horizontal line screen and the gray bar below the logo only fills halfway and doesn't turn on. I'm in shock and scared the laptop is toast. Could you please guide me with what may be wrong with it and what is the safest next step? Apple has a special program going til Dec 31st where they will replace your logic board for free since and macbook pros have a common problem with the GPU.

Grey lines like that is the start of your GPU going bad.