Power mac g5 os 9

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Installing MAC OS 9.1 on A G5 PowerPC

The Deer Park Globe appears in the derivative works used in this product under the auspices of the Mozilla Public License. Flag images except Asturian are courtesy the IconDrawer. The Apple marks, Apple press images and Apple icons used in the spoof above remain the property of Apple, Inc.

Please don't sue us. Did you think that was funny? These are obviously a far cry from what a dual processor system running at roughly 10x the clock speed can provide.

For Speedometer 4, the base machine appears to be a Quadra or Centris , both 25 MHz Macs that nominally rate 1. Speedometer 4 supports both 68k and PowerPC Macs natively. Its disk score or 4. I ran MacBench 5 on that 1. When natively running Mac OS 9.

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All supplied results are for machines booting Mac OS 9. I had to set graphics to thousands of colors; the other benchmarks were all run in standard millions of colors mode.

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On the Graphics test, a 1. The Power Mac G5 wins handily on overall performance, with a score of This 2. Even the earliest Core Duo Macs introduced in have more power.

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Apple Inc. Software proprietario. Apple - Mac OS 9.

Processore G3 come requisito minimo. Mountain Lion Sierra