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What is a Unix Executable File?

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Fix the Ableton “Generic Unix Executable” Problem on a Mac

Thank you. From time to time when I recieve files from clients, my mac calls them a kind of file called a Unix Executable File. I sound "incapable" when I go back to a client and asked them what format the file is in.

I included a pic of my latest problem. I received a Quark file from a client and the Quark file as well as the packaged fonts and some photos are coming back as Unix Executable Files I didn't have quarkxpress so I had to go back to my client and ask what type of file it was I hate doing that.

Whats going on?

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ElDiabloConCaca U. What's happening is that Mac OS X can't read the file's resource fork and, since there's no extension on those files either, it can't even "guess" , and therefore doesn't know what the file is.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. It it isn't it will tell you it's just a data file. For those we have lost. Figure 1. Search Forums. Search Forums.

One of two things happened: 1 The files originated from a Windows machine or some non-Apple operating system and no extension was put on the file. There's not much you can do to get around the problem without teaching the clients new tricks.

They should use a compression. How did these files specifically come to you? How were they transferred? Had they been compressed? If you can describe in detail the route they took from hard drive to hard drive, CD to CD, network to network, we may be able to pinpoint where, exactly, the resource fork info was lost and find a workaround.

Problem is more or less obvious: Unix programs are 1. Files that do not have extension or they are named "a. They have execution "x" mode on, which means they can be run Since Windows knows nothing about execution mode, files in ZIP archives normally end with execution mode on. Dec 6, at am.

Executable files are compiled for a specific processor CPU. If it's an old unix file from college it's probably compiled for a sun sparc, hp-risc or some other exotic architecture. And unless you are a reverse engineering wiz there is no way you can ever figure out the source code that was used to compile the binary.

How do I open unix executable files? | Adobe Community

If I remember right, this might be just a mac getting confused. If there's a file without an extension and no resource fork, the mac just calls it a "unix executable" because it has no idea what it is. Do you know what program they were made with? If so, you could try opening them with that program.

UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

Barring that, always worth a shot to open a file in a simple text editor to see Tried several suggestions to no avail. The docs were writen on one of those "toilet seat" iBooks in the 90's so I suspect the power pc stuff might not open on an intel mac. If you open an OS X bundle and look at the executable that it runs, it's just one of these things.

Anyway, unless you're interested in writing compilers in which case, we could have a great conversation! Try to open it in a text editor -- it might just be readable. Dec 6, at pm. Is there a Rosetta Stone program available to learn that language?

CEAgui Download for Unix (Sun, Sgi, Linux, Mac OS X)

Dec 6, at pm Edited. I think MacOS Can you use terminal and the command line? I'd like to see what happens when you type file "final exam" including those quotes. Dec 7, at am. Dusted off the old laptop on which docs were created years ago AppleWorks docs! Converted them to PDFs and put 'em on a thumb drive.