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The syncs don't matter much as long as they are long enough, the beam is not visible during sync. In doubt leave them alone. Timing relation wise, the totals matter and can affect screen size an timings. When fixing overscan the should be kept the same. Here is the somwhat simplified precedure to get rid of overscan, assuming you start with a valid timing: Have a coffee, this procedure will take some 15mins.

Now edit the new timing: left overscan of X pixels: increase horizontal back porch by X, decrease horizontal total by same X same for the right side by increasing the horizontal front porch top overscan is reduced by increasing the vertical back porch and decreasing vertical active corespondingly for bottom overscan vert front porch vs vertical active but due to a bug this is fairly limited apple is working on that for reference see What are those syncs and porches, anyways? The modified timing should still have the same syncs, totals and frequencies as before.

Apple iBook G4 Review — 12-inch Screen Version (pics, specs)

Check whether the timing is enabled in the resolution tab. If it isn't, adjust the limits in the monitor tab or register if you haven't done that. Install the new setting and reboot Done. Have some more coffee The horizontal front porch is the right border unused aka black display area. The horizontal back porch is the left border. The vertical back porch is the top border. The vertical front porch is the bottom border. The horizontal sync is the time the beam needs to get from the far right edge back to the far left. The vertical sync is the time the beam needs to get from the far bottom edge back to the top.

The vertical frequency tells you how often the whole display gets redrawn in a second. The horizontal frequency tells you how often a single line gets drawn.

Powerbook 17" Repair - LCD Disassembly

This usually is the most sensitive parameter. The pixel frequency tells you how often a single pixel gets drawn. This usually is the least sensitive parameter and the limit is usually not critical. Back to FAQ Are digital projectors supported? I don't have much experience with those, but some people have tried and had success tweaking the timings for adequate display. Apart from native timings you can also add scaled resolutions resolution scaled by graphics card for varying needs;- Back to FAQ Are LCD monitors supported? But it doesn't make much sense to use anything but the native resolution for these.

However you can use it to fix the timing, if your system doesn't detect it automatically, to get specific frame rates e. In the resolution tab, double click the timing and enter: Back to FAQ Are fixed frequency monitors supported? While this is in principle possible, you can not change sync type to composite or sync on green and you need to know rather precise timing details. If you have the required timing details and the monitor supports separate sync e.

I'd recommend to use a spearate multi-sync monitor without DDC to test the timing and then disable all but the usable timing. The graphic card needs to have proper support for MacOSX. DisplayConfigX is not a graphic card driver. For those cards, you might want to read www. But even if that works, chances that those old cards are compatible with this application are practically zero.

Back to FAQ I have a notebook and use different monitors at home and at work.

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Is that supported? It uses the normal MacOSX technique of keeping different monitor settings for different monitor types. If you adjust one monitor type, others should not be affected. This is what I'm using all the time:- One catch is that this only works if at most one monitor has no DDC. Usually the iBook is limited to using external monitors in mirror mode. What renders this tool rather useless, since in mirrored mode the usable resolution is limited by the smallest of the involved screens.

However there is a tool to enable non-mirrored mode on iBooks. It doesn't work on all iBooks and can put unsupported iBooks into fairly unfunny modes. Handle with care! Further descriptions and the download are at macparts. Yes, but the build-in monitor is fairly slow maximum 72KHz. See iBooks for whether you can fix that. Either set the applications group ownership to admin and remove all access rights for other users or simply delete the program after using it to later change the configuration simply reinstall the app. If you disable all but the desired resolution you can make sure that no one sets the display into suboptimal modes.

Back to FAQ What resolutions and refresh rates are supported? Apart from standard resolutions there is quite a list of others. They come in many flavors for aspect ratios of , or or others. This is limited by your hardware and difficult to predict. You can check what you'd get yourself before registering.

Some of the resolutions might be more than what your graphic card can handle and will be dropped. Also you can change any resolution into a in manual mode and get near arbitrary combinations.

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To use X11 modelines, you calculate the timing parameters and create a new timing in DisplayConfigX. A simple X11 modeline reads: "x " The vertical timings are specified as the sum of the two frames. I'm not sure how those work in X Use these if you suspect a new version contains a new bug. Version 1. In those scenarios the application had no effect whatsoever. Which confused the "Displays" control panel, since there you can only change either the resolution or the frequency at a time. So in effect the bug blocked access to some resolutions that would have worked otherwise.

Why An Additional Display?

The device had lost out on its swappable drive bays while developers tried to condense the device. The PowerBook includes the following features and ports:. Lead discussions. If your model is A, you have a Hi-Res machine. The device had lost out on its swappable drive bays while developers tried to condense the device. April 24, Save Now.

Minor GUI refinements. In other words: if your monitor burns or your data goes to nirvana, go have a nice evening with friends or something, but leave me alone Please make sure that the timings match your hardware, or you risk damaging your monitor. You have been warned. System: Mac OS X You need to be administrator on your Mac. The latest version of this program is DisplayConfigX. Move the application to your hard disc, preferably to the "Applications" folder or to your desktop.

Start the program and compare the data shown with the details given in your monitor manual. Are Intel Macs supported?

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The PowerBook G4 is a series of notebook computers manufactured, marketed, and sold by The latest version of OS X that any PowerBook G4 can run is Mac OS X Leopard, released in When Apple . The devices were the last 17" models shipped with the matte × pixel low resolution display. After many . Generic Company Place Holder Apple PowerBook G4 Notebook PowerBook G4 and the popular inch version is higher screen resolution.

How can I specify the resolution timing details myself? How can I optimize the image quality on my multi-sync monitor? Do high refresh rates ware out monitors faster?

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Are HDTV monitors supported? How to get rid of overscan? What are those syncs and porches, anyways? Are digital projectors supported?

Are LCD monitors supported? Are fixed frequency monitors supported?

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