Mac mini vs dell zino

Dell’s new Inspiron Zino HD: ZDNet says it’s "Dell’s answer to Apple’s Mac mini."

Our Zino was configured with the following:.

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It seems to be no secret that Dell is slowly taking on Apple. First we saw the Adamo XPS, Dell's take on the MacBook Air, and now we see a. PC maker unveils a diminutive desktop to rival Apple's Mac mini, dubbed the Dell Zino HD.

Setup was fairly straight forward. Once you get through the initial boot-up you are greeted to a Windows 7 desktop. We downloaded the drivers for Windows 7, scanned for digital channels and were up and running in about 15 minutes.

Mac Mini Killer on the Loose: Zino HD

Since we already had the receiver setup up for a Blu-ray player the entire setup process took about 45 minutes. We literally removed the Blu-ray player and placed the Zino in its place. The biggest new feature is that this device support Blu-ray. The bad is that its not well integrated into Media Center.

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It seemed like some of the free software included on the Zino was preventing the installation from within Media Center. As far as playback of Blu-ray movies go, it was OK. We would get stuttering frames every so often. In general we felt that the hardware was underpowered to support Blu-ray. But for completeness we did download and install MyMovies.

Dell Inspiron Zino HD Desktop, another Mac Mini?

While it include more features than Windows it did not rock our world. Prior to this version of Windows 7 MyMovies would have been a requirement.

With this version not so much. TV played nicely even being upconverted to p.

Dell Inspiron Zino HD

There is also a Netflix watch it now feature that is easy to navigate and use. We were able to add our account and select movies in a matter of minutes. Since we used HDMI we were able to get 5. You can get 5.

Small, colourful mini PC

But when compared side by side with the Oppo dedicated Blu-ray player we prefered the image quality of the Oppo. However, since we were going through our receiver we had and issue with underscan.

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Dell Inspiron zino HD looks like a Mac Mini, but would make a great HTPC

Lost your password? Posts: Joined: Jun Reputation: 2. By contrast, most nettops, like the Dell Zino, have external power bricks that create clutter. It has a small footprint and more than enough power to run GPS and music software. MacMini macrumors But it's still in early stages of development. Oct 19, 53 0.

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