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Mac Miller Best Lyrics: A Comprehensive Look at His Greatest Bars

The High Life runs an impressive 21 songs, or, one hour and eight minutes—or, half of a Migos album.

10 Lyrics That Defined Mac Miller's Career

Jokes aside, The High Life is obviously sonically dated. Is that endearing? Sure, but beneath a production style best left buried, there are endless gems to be discovered. In light of his passing and ever-darkening material he released in the last five years, The High Life plays as redeeming.

After a tragedy, it became so easy to forget that Mac Miller was once as childish as can be.

And thank goodness for that. In the grand conversation of legacy and imprint, there should also be room for some levity. The skit is perhaps a bit jarring, too, because if you were to isolate this moment, you would be liable to dislike Mac. Certainly, any music fan or critic could admit openly that they hated this body of work and we could not blame them.

That shock is the joy of The High Life. The beauty of this seven-year arc is that Mac Miller was nicely afforded the space to grow. And grow he did. Miller did not take his time for granted, and The High Life is our founding proof. I Try. They Afraid of You. Throw It Away. Keep Your Head Up. Mac Everything BoZ. Under Enemy Arms. Lil Wayne. Exotic Original Version. Hell Rain. Icky Vicky. Love Me Again.

Man Down.

Rappers, Celebrities And Fans React To Mac Miller’s Death

Red Butterflies. Road Kill. Sea World. Signing Off. Sleeping Beauty.

10 Essential Mac Miller Songs

Slow Down. Whats My Name?

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Portland Remix. No Flex. Untouchable Remix.

Good Mmornin Objects in the Mirror. Small Worlds. Come Back To Earth. Here Comes the Cowboy Nobody. Finally Alone. Little Dogs March. Choo Choo. Heart to Heart. Hey Cowgirl. On the Square. All of Our Yesterdays. Skyless Moon. Baby Bye Bye. The Ceiling. Stop Playin. I Came Up. Shake Somethin.

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  • Miller illustrated his deep existentialism on "The Question" in 2012.;

No Favors. Take It Slow. Summer Wishes Island in the Sun. Feels Like Summer. I Love Myself.

Electric Avenue. The Way. From the Morning. In the Summertime. Dancing Queen. Block You. Learn How to Watch. UP NXW. Plur Genocide. Close to Me. Bed Bugs. DiCaprio 2 Frequency Change. Slick Talk. Off Deez.

Bottoms Up (remix)

Ayo I'm livin' the high life Fly clothes, good liquor, good weed Fine hoes all the things I'mma need. “Ayo I'm livin' the high life— Wiz Khalifa feat. Tradução de High Life. The Making of Migos, Cardi B & Nicki Minaj's "MotorSport" With Murda Beatz. The High Life is the third mixtape released by Mac Miller on December 1,

Off da Zoinkys. Workin Out. Hot Box. Mounted Up. Just da Other Day.

Despacito Too. Hasta Luego. Spotify Singles Dunno Spotify Singles. Nothing from Nothing. Swimming Come Back to Earth. Hurt Feelings.


Self Care. Conversation Pt. Jet Fuel. So It Goes. Drunk Captain Stupido. Bus in These Streets. Lava Lamp. Show You the Way. Walk on By.