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Rosetta Stone FLEXnet and 8111 error

What are common UI misconceptions and annoyances? What are some funny loading statements to keep users amused? Surprise for a programmer on Birthday [fun, birthday-cake]. Jon Skeet Facts? What Easter Eggs have you placed in code?

How can you tell if a person is a programmer? What is the single most influential book every programmer should read?

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What non-programming books should programmers read? What is your favorite "programmer" t-shirt? What are five things you hate about your favorite language? Most useful free. NET libraries? Create Excel. XLS and. XLSX file from C [c ,. Most useful AutoHotkey scripts? Best Diff Tool?

Fix MacBook Mini Error Code and Messages

List of freely available programming books [books, free, ebook, creative-commons, textbooks]. Great programming quotes [polls, fun, quotes]. What "already invented" algorithm did you invent? Formatting Sandbox [support, markdown, formatting, sandbox]. Most Astonishing Violation of the Principle of Least Astonishment [design, user-interface, polls, user-experience]. What real life good habits has programming given you?

How to Fix Rosetta Stone Fatal Application Error #1141 [English]

Help me inspire beginners! What good technology podcasts are out there? How do you pronounce Git? How do you keep track of all your passwords? Best LaTeX editor for Windows [windows, latex, text-editor]. What are the lesser known but cool data structures?

Troubleshooting fatal application error #2124 Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10

Fatal Application Error: # means Rosetta Stone Language Learning ( formerly Version 4) is no longer If you are using Mac OS X, please click here. When ever you receive the error Database issue Please update the program to a newer version. Click here if you have Mac computer.

Common programming mistakes for. NET developers to avoid? Humor in code [language-agnostic, fun, pop-culture]. Best Computer Or Programming Wallpapers [desktop-wallpaper]. Essential Programming Tools [tools, development]. What do you use to keep notes as a developer? Programming Fonts [fonts, polls]. Does Linux generate more heat than Windows on laptops? Significant new inventions in computing since [history, ideas, technologies, innovation].

Best Static Website Generator [web-development, static]. Can someone please explain this Dalai-Lama joke to me? Are there any similar games to Sim Tower? Most useful free third party Java libraries? What does your super-awesome desktop look like? Screenshots [desktop, fun].

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Do you have a hobby development project? Keyboard for programmers [keyboard, hardware, productivity, peripherals]. Hidden Features of Java [java, hidden-features]. What games let me do Parkour? What is the strangest programming language you have used? How-to articles for iPhone development, Objective-C [iphone, objective-c, osx, tutorials, ipod-touch]. White Light vs.

Black Dark Backgrounds: Health Effects [screen, background-color, ergonomics, health]. Which JavaScript framework jQuery vs Dojo vs Are there any insulting vegetable names? Who in the software world do you admire the most? The single most useful Emacs feature [emacs, polls, hidden-features]. Mouse for programmer [hardware, productivity, mouse, ergonomics, peripherals].

What's the most egregious pop culture perversion of programming?

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Best personal desktop wiki? Is "username" one word or two? Which tool do you use for your to-do list? Open Source Advertising - Sidebar - 1H [discussion, open-source-advertising, crowdsourcing]. Games that feature procedural generation of content? What is the worst code you've ever written?

What Tower Defense games are available for the PC? Programmers' last words [fun, programmer, programming-culture]. What is your most-used web application? What are Code Smells? What is the best way to correct them? Biggest performance improvement you've had with the smallest change? Text editor to open big giant, huge, large text files [windows, xml, editor, text-editor, large-files].

What is the largest program ever written? How can we tell if the bathroom is occupied? The Many Memes of Meta [discussion, faq, memes]. What is the most frustrating programming style you've encountered? What software for your own personal use did you write? Best Scrum tools [tools, polls, agile, scrum].

Firefox plugin to simulate slow internet connection or limit bandwidth? What is the best logging solution for a C. NET 3. Programmer Desk [microsoft-office, environment]. What LAN games are there for a smaller number of players? How old are you, and how old were you when you started coding? Best reason not to hire a PhD? What bug tracking software do you use? Programming texts and reference material for my Kindle DX, creating the ultimate reference device? What's your first program that you were proud of? What are the best programming articles? What programming language should I use to create small, native Windows Applications?

Obscure Operating Systems [operating-systems, discussion, haiku]. What C mocking framework to use? Color Themes for Eclipse? Best Java book you have read so far [java, books, polls]. Favorite "sysadmin" cartoon [fun, offtopic, humor, culture]. What other games exist similar in format to Uplink? How do I programmatically create a PDF in my. NET application? What are the best programming and development related Blogs?

What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen a non-techie do to a computing device? Help identifying a late 80s arcade shooter game [identify-this-game, arcade, 80s].