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Changing Your Mac’s Desktop Background

This is somewhat the same thing, on a much smaller scale.

How to get Mojave Wallpaper

Your Mac comes equipped with more than the default picture; in fact, Apple preinstalls many images to choose from. To change your desktop picture, follow these instructions:.

  1. Personalize the Mac's Desktop Wallpaper With Your Own Pictures.
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  3. Change your desktop picture from System Preferences.

Of course, you can turn any of your own photos or artwork into a desktop picture too. I hope you enjoy your new look on your desktop. Hopefully it helps you smile even if a snowstorm is brewing and about to hit in the next few weeks. You can always come visit us down here in Miami.

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It's quick and easy to give your Mac a customized look by changing the desktop background image to something you prefer. You can select from a variety of other options already loaded by Apple, or use one of your own photographs. Whatever you choose, you can freshen up your look now by following the simple steps below.

Wallpaper Wizard 2: Desktop Wallpaper for Your Mac

You can set your desktop image to one of a variety of options that Apple has already preloaded onto your Mac:. Open the Apple menu and select "System Preferences. On the left side of the Desktop panel select the Apple drop down and click on "Desktop Pictures. You can now choose the picture you want to use as your background image. You can also have the image change at regular intervals by ticking the "Change picture" option at the bottom of your page, then set the time interval from the drop down box.

The background will go through all the photos in the "Desktop Pictures" folder. If you want the order to be shuffled, then tick the "Random order" option box at the bottom of the page. The "Dynamic Desktop" options will automatically change your desktop image based on the time of day. You can also choose to use your own photos for the desktop background:.

Change the desktop picture (background) on your Mac

Now, choose the location of the folder that contains the photo, or photos you want to use. You can now select the photo you want to use from the options displayed, or select the "Change picture" option to have the background image cycle through all of the images in your selected folder. The time between changes can be set from the drop down menu and you can have the order shuffled by ticking the "Random order" box. Push video app works easily.

A time-shifting desktop wallpaper

However, they rely on a non-secure payment vendor who provides a buggy process that doesn't work. So without being able to purchase it, it stops working after so many minutes because it is in trial mode only. The VLC instructions seem to pertain only to Windows. The referenced commands don't exist in the MacOS version ofVLC, either in the right-click menu or in the menubar menus.

A time-shifting desktop wallpaper

I would be happy to be shown that I'm missing something Aaaaaand 5 minutes later I found a quick way of doing it in MacOS Open a terminal and paste two command lines in. Your screensaver video is now your looping desktop background.

How to change your desktop background -- MacBook laptop

Hide the terminal. When you realize you are bored by the video, close the terminal and the video goes away. There's also a really nice program on Steam called Wallpaper Engine.

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