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OmniFocus has a clean interface and every feature you need to get stuff done. And its sleek design is simply a perfect match for your Mac. Add all your projects, to-do lists into OmniFocus and track all details like dates, notes, files attachments.

Also you can easily synchronize between your iPhone or iPad. Free up your mind from storing all your tasks and enemies of every good conference call. One of mac productivity apps in this list is called Bear. Write prose and outlines, create to-do lists and reminders for yourself, and many more.

The best part is that many functions of Bear are free and you can enjoy all the perks without spending much. CleanMyMac is a lifesaver for your Mac. It combines many optimization tools in single app. Monitor the performance, remove malware and clean up your macOS.

This is a must-have app for any Mac user if you want your device to be healthy. And you want it, right? Alfred brings productivity to your fingerprints! This app for macOS boosts your efficiency by helping you search your computer and web with great speed.

What's On My Mac - Productivity Apps

You can use Alfred for multiple things. It allows you to open things, search for things, define and time them, easily calculate things and expand tests, contact people and manage clipboard and so much more. Definitely give Alfred a try and experience its possibilities. Have you ever forgotten your password?

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This Lifehack-exclusive list has some of the best productivity apps to help iOS devices, Todoist is a note-taking and organization app that can. Here is a list of the best productivity apps for Mac users, based on my If an app is available for other platforms, such as iOS, Windows.

Now you really forget your passwords as 1Password will remember all of them for you. Using 1Password is super simple: just save your passwords and login to websites with a single click. Besides, if you often have a hard time thinking of new and unique passwords — worry no more. Have you ever wanted to organize the apps on menu bar? Now you can!

1. Spectacle

He writes about Windows 10, Xbox One, and cryptocurrency. Yes, you can assign a due date for tasks or projects, but you can also specify a time when you want to work on your tasks but they are not necessarily due. Also available on Android and Windows Forest essentially gamifies downtime away from your mobile devices. Load Comments Ben Tejes , 6 months ago 3 min read 22 Shares.

With Bartender 2 you can easily rearrange apps on your menu bar, hide them and even move to separate Bartender Bar. Give it a try and find out multiple variations of your menu bar.

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This small productivity app allows you to safely uninstall unwanted apps from your computer. As you know any time you install an application dozens of files are distributed throughout your System. Besides taking up much space, they leave traces which are hard to find with custom tools. You definitely have a lot of things, right? This is a small and easy-to-use task manager which makes you truly productive. Give it a try! While, there might not be a need for heavy-weight and cumbersome applications, Malware Bytes is all you need. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware scans your computer, finds and removes code that lowers system performance or destroys your system.

If your Mac is running slow and annoying adware and pop-ups keep coming, definitely install this app and revive your Mac. Finding and removing every duplicate file seems like a redundant task.

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Forget about the problem of duplicate files with Gemini. Gemini is smart and it learns all the time to improve the process.

Sounds amazing, right? Get yourself mac productivity apps like Gemini and free up tons of space on your Mac.

Best productivity apps of 12222

It is private and secure and will let you to monitor and measure the email productivity of your team and other employees. Zapier integrates all your apps, gains information from each app and automates all work processes using that information. Want to be atop of your social media accounts rather than haphazardly posting content then Hootsuite will be your savior.

Here the power is in the hands of the consumer as they decided the IF, This, Then and That- a simple concept with high impact. IFTTT has a number of integrations available with some of the best online collaboration apps , project management software , small business apps , and more. The free productivity app role-plays your life and success in the game is a direct reflection of success in your real life, while if you lag in the game so will you in real life.

One of the best productivity apps for iPhone — Things is an app designed to help you literally get done with your things! The App has been revamped to be sleeker, have smoother animations and with better design. The ultimate grown-up tool to help, you navigate through the perils of adulthood with one To-do-list at a time. A time tracking application , Toggle makes it extremely easy for you to keep a check on where your hours are going.

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The basic version of the application comes with an automatic timer and a few basic functionalities. On the other hand, the advanced version unlocks many interesting features which further make it a great time tracking solution. Information leak or data loss is one of the major concerns for businesses, as well as individuals.

Which is why you need an app that safely stores all of your sensitive data in one central location without compromising the security. Enter — Dropbox. This productivity app is one of the most popular cloud storage services. Dropbox enables you to keep a central repository of your files for easy retrieval whenever required. It comes with easy sync across multiple devices, so you can access your files from anywhere. Dropbox offers two different tiers of plans, catering to individuals and teams. These are:. Gmelius is one of the best productivity apps for automating and streamlining your emails.

It is a Gmail add-on designed to scale your outreach and manage your customer support right from your Gmail inbox. An easy-to-use tool, Gmelius integrates seamlessly with Gmail and makes sure no information is lost along the way. This free productivity app also caters team collaboration pretty smartly through native features, like email delegation, and more.

Another free productivity app focused on cloud storage, Google Drive is possibly the most popular of its kind out there. The tool comes with a lot more than just storage capabilities. It helps you to create, store, edit, and collaborate on documents with ease. Through a massive library of third-party apps and easy sync across devices, Google Drive further enhances its usability. Some of the powerful integrations include Google Doc, Sheets, and Slides. However, to get more storage space and additional capabilities, you can upgrade to Google One.

Google One comes with the following plans:.

The 10 Best Productivity Apps For iPhone and iPad

There are other plans too which caters to large amount of storage space and other benefits. This brought us to the decision of adding Ahrefs to the battlefield. Backlinks checker, keyword analysis, content explorer, and lots more. Ahrefs has everything you need to make your website experience worthwhile.

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If your search for a productivity app is centered on CRM software , look no further. The next free productivity app ticks a whole lot of boxes when it comes to email management. SendGrid provides a single platform to help you deliver emails effectively in order to maximize customer engagement. The tool provides various kinds of email services, including email marketing campaigns, email templates, email statistics, and more. TunnelBear is a free VPN service that is designed to protect your online identity and save you from data theft.

The app provides the best type of data encryption AES to keep your online behavior patterns masked.

25 Productivity Apps to Explore in 12222

Aside from the core services of encryption and no logs storing policy, Tunnelbear comes with plenty of useful features to protect your online identity as securely as possible. The list of best productivity apps is incomplete without Notion.

Best Mac productivity apps – Utilities

A single tool to cater to a diverse range of needs, including note-taking, to-do lists, task management, document management, and lots more. Yes, the tool seems to have it all. MindMeister is a powerful mind mapping tool that lets you visualize ideas in the form of presentations.

It also allows you to share these mindmaps with your team members and brainstorm on them to make smart decisions. One of the free productivity apps, it allows you to transform your thought processes into beautiful diagrams, so you can process them better. The timeline maker is full of powerful features to help you smoothly get things done. And there you have it — the 21 best productivity apps for Overall, a pretty comprehensive list of apps. I am not sure but why you have not included many of my favorite tools Clickup is a life saver Toby extension for Chrome is super awesome for the team Both of them are super awesome.