Best gaming mouse for mac wow

Best Mouse for WOW on a Mac

The Razer Naga has been the go to for most PC gamers both casual and pros alike. It has 19 fully customizable buttons with 12 high tactile feedback thumb panel buttons. You can fully customize all buttons in the Naga Chroma to have essential hot-keys, skillsets and macros at the ready. The tilt-scroll wheel is also a nice addition for quick navigation.

You can move the scroll wheel up, down, left and right. World Of Warcraft is all about dealing the quickest combinations and keeping the pressure on your opponent. As such, combinations require multiple keystrokes or combination of button presses and keystrokes. The farther you progress in WOW, the more abilities you gain, the more combinations you gather. With a macro button, you can program the exact combination of keys plus buttons including the time gap between each press.

Creating macros, in turn, repeats combinations to perfection every single time, and so you have the ability to mesh together complicated moves and skills back to back. That is why gaming mice with loads of buttons and excellent software for configuring profiles and macros are crucial to mastering WOW. But, are buttons the only consideration? Not at all.

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There is a lot more to consider. The polling rate and DPI are critical to your online success. Comfort and fit equally matters, though in our opinion any gaming mouse that is comfortable and has sufficient programmable buttons should suffice at least until you think of WOW as a passive income source.

World Of Warcraft is fun to play. It can get addictive too but why should you even bother buying a specialised WOW Gaming mouse? What about a regular everyday use mouse? If you want to improve in WOW, you have to customise the way you play, so it suits your style of gameplay. Learning to play better involves new combinations and moves, doing things quicker and building situational awareness. A gaming mouse geared for WOW will offer you the chance to learn combinations quicker, feel comfortable and never miss out on a single skip or click of a button.

Remember that these models are designed exclusively for MMO gameplay. In fact, if you have always used a standard two button and middle scroll wheel mouse, an MMO gaming mouse will instantly feel different. The first couple of minutes will feel awkward because of all the extra stuff on it. After an hour though, you will experience two things. First, the mouse will not wear your fingers or hand out.

Second, you will intuitively begin using the extra buttons, configuring moves and combinations for in-game use. The ease with which you convert into a gaming mouse fan will startle you. Polling rates are measured in Hertz or Hz. It is defined as the speed with which the mouse communicates with your PC.

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Its M65 has been well received by the masses due to its high quality construction and other value-added features. My friend who uses a Naga as his mouse on his desktop uses it with his Macbook Pro all the time. If gaming is your hobby save up for a PC then get any mouse you want. Polling rates are measured in Hertz or Hz. Not suitable for left-handed players. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. This is ensured by adding soft matt rubber to the product.

To get the time, just invert the Polling Rate. So a Hz polling rate translates to 2ms. Likewise, Hz equals 1ms. Hence, higher the polling rate, lower the time. Naturally, you should opt for the fastest polling rates available in the market, subject to availability in your region and your budget. Keep in mind, MMO gaming requires quick button presses and accuracy of sequences that include time delays as well as long presses. You should, therefore, always get a mouse that has good separation between buttons along with a high polling rate.

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World of Warcraft is a game designed for button freaks. Unless you enjoy MMO games, you will never consider getting a mouse with ten plus buttons.

However, for folks who live a second life in the WOW universe, a functional 12 button mouse is the difference between domination and submission. However, button count is not everything. There are loads of cheaper alternatives that pack buttons to the hilt, but their placement hinders quick access.

The buttons should all be placed with sufficient separation or at least raised enough that you need not look down at them once you learn their positions. Few recognised brands tend to provide indentations or curves that move across buttons placed close together, so your thumb naturally learns the exact shape without needing to look down.

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On the other hand, some brands simply pack in buttons with numbers on them, calling them MMO gaming mice. Our advice is to search for brands and models that take the care of differentiating each button from the other.

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Top grade MMO mice use the best switches on the market. Two companies cater switches for keyboards and mouse — Cherry and Omron. Low-grade switches can register false clicks or button presses. You click once, but the mouse registers a double click because of the tension in your fingers depressing the button slightly after the click. With Cherry or Omron switches though, there are no accidents. Speed matters in WOW and good switch design helps achieve this as you are in complete control of the time spent between each keystroke, button press or click. A mapping software helps extract the last iota of usefulness from a gaming mouse.

This software controls what each button does, the polling rate and even DPI. All these settings can be saved into multiple profiles that can then be switched rapidly within a game such as WOW. The advantage of having plenty of buttons and a good mapping software is that you can program all your moves and combos into the extra buttons and one button that helps switch profile instantly. Multiple profiles will allow you to switch quickly between offensive moves and defensive moves within a game.

PVP matches become so much easier when you can anticipate a move from your opponent and quickly counter or even retaliate before they do. Most brands today offer some sort of mapping software. Companies like Razor, MadCatz and Logitech offer proprietary software that controls a lot of things other than macro registration. Half of the WOW gaming population will vouch for laser sensors, and the other half will trash it for its high precision, instead opting for an optical sensor.

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Both methods work fine in WOW, but we feel an optical sensor works best for the majority of gamers. Professional gamers who use a laser sensor mouse tend to carry a couple of extra mouse pads that they are comfortable with just to counteract the jitters. Thankfully, with an optical mouse jitters are minimal. We should point out that MMO gaming does not require high accuracy though reliability is critical. If you feel a laser mouse is reliable enough go for something that offers multiple DPI settings. As it stands though, we find optical sensors easier to use.

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Once you decide on the sensor type, it is time to pick DPIs. Dots Per Inch is the how the mouse translates its physical movement onto the monitor screen. Naturally, higher resolution screens need a high DPI mouse. If you game at p or less, any MMO gaming mouse will suffice.

A wired mouse will always have a faster response time though, in MMO gaming, response time lags of less than 10ms are not evident.

go site In an FPS, 10ms lag can be the difference between getting your head blown off or surviving long enough to conquer a base.